Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Reading at all Pima County libraries!


Check out the schedule of summer reading events at your local branch of the Pima County library system. You'll find a diverse list of offerings, both readings and appearances, by many of southern Arizona's best children's and young adult authors during the months of July and August. I'd like to think I'm one of them!

See you at Mostly Books in Tucson on July 30th, and at Joyner Green Valley library, date TBA.

Also, remember the writing challenge going on now at Coyote's Howl for Young Writers project. Find out how you can enter and have a chance to be published on-line! There are several interesting categories to choose from, including short story, poetry, and essay, plus a list of topics and themes. I challenge you to be the best writer in your school! You can post a blog here anytime with questions, or tweet me - DesertDogWriter

And if you happen to trip over my book - Gift of the Desert Dog - while you're at the library this summer, well, sign it out! It's a great mystery/adventure you'll enjoy from cover to cover. Then you can text me your comments anytime.

Stay cool out there!

Top Dog

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