Tuesday, June 10, 2014

'Coyote-Meeter's Abyss' release! Book Three in the 'Borderlands Trilogy'

And here it is! Open Books Press just released its 'Coyote-Meeter's Abyss' promotional package, including this stunning cover image! It's been a bit of a waiting game, but I'm delighted with it!
It's the emotional conclusion to a series st...eeped in the mystery and tradition of southwest Indian life; Danny Rivas's greatest challenge and true coming-of-age! It has been my great privilege to immerse myself in local culture, meet Tohono O'odham scholars and tribal elders, and write the story of a young reservation boy and his beloved grandfather. The character of Danny Rivas is fiction, but there are so many true young O'odham children growing up in the remoteness of the Sonoran desert.
I know you will love this final chapter in the lives of two very special characters! Happy reading and great adventures!